A Morning Prayer

by Christine Sine
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by Jenneth Graser,

A Morning Prayer
You will need: a bowl, some small stones and a candle with matches. 
Place these before you as you find a comfortable place to encounter God in silence.

Opening reading:
“You lead me with your secret wisdom. 
And following you brings me into your brightness and glory!” 
Psalm 73:24 TPT

Father I give you my mind, as clouds on the horizon
bending over to wake up the sun from her slumber,
reminding the ocean that under her covers
a parallel world is waking up.

  • Place into the bowl a stone of intention. The intention of interior silence.

Spirit, I give you my body, as a temple on a high mountain
where worship comes naturally surrounded by
winds blowing straight out of Heaven
and into my inner court.

  • Place into the bowl a stone of worship. Your sound of worship.

Jesus, I bring you the energy in me, as lava in a dormant volcano
currently steaming with vapours and potential,
allowing the heat of your deep-inside love to build new lands
and restore the broken ground.

  • Place into the bowl a stone of your dreams. The dreams buried inside of you.

Father I give you my heart, as an orchid ready to open
like a bird swooping
into the holy Trinity of you, always eager
to see and greet me. 

  • Place into the bowl of stone of your heart. As stone turned to flesh.

Poetry reading:
Walking softly on the surface of the earth,
each step holy.

Breathing together with the breath of
humming birds about their breakfast.

Taking in the dew-drop necklaces on flowers
shining with praise and prayer.

Being to you a friend on days opening wide 

with wonder happening within us again.

It is too easy to rush by these gifts,
too easy for a day to sleep before the sun goes down.

Let us wake into your presence,
in one accord with all life is.

Let us create a moment by moment fellowship,
the sharing of what brings joy or pain.

Your hand rests on our temple
with lavish rest in time and place.

We will be kind to ourselves as well,
generous grace is meant for the sharing.

Closing reading and practice:
“Nothing is more appealing than speaking beautiful, life-giving words. 
For they release sweetness to our souls and inner healing to our spirits.” 
Proverbs 16:24 TPT

Light a candle in closing as you listen to (47) Requiem: The Lord is my Shepherd – John Rutter, Cambridge Singers, Aurora Orchestra, Thomas Barber – YouTube

Feature photo by Stories on Unsplash.

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