A Blessed All Saints Day

by Christine Sine

Gerard and Chrissie Kelly

This mornings prayers are written by Gerard Kelly for his twitter feed twitturgies. I enjoyed them so much that decided I needed to share them (with slight adaptation). Gerard blogs at God Sees Diamonds. Gerard and his wife Chrissie are the cofounders of the Bless network and live in Normandy France. They are some of the saints who have influenced my life and for whom I give thanks today.

For all the saints denounced as sinners, who walk the narrow way.

Close to the edge. Open to love.

I give thanks

For unknown saints, guerrillas of grace,

who co-operate with their creator though they have no name for him,

I give thanks

For all who have stopped me in my tracks.

Who have loved unconditionally but insisted on change.

I give thanks

Thank you God for voices that called to me to take a walk on the wild side:

Voices I heard and heeded and found you there

Give me a vision higher than my horizon God.

Clouds on fire. Wheels spinning.

The beating of wings. Lift me from my mediocrity


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