From Chaos to Creativity You Lead Us Lord

by Christine Sine

It looks as though this week is a week for prayers. Maybe it is because Tom & I are getting ready for one of our quarterly retreat. The week before is always one of much reflection and contemplation for me. Much has happened for me and for Mustard Seed Associates in the last few months and I think this prayer which I wrote this morning reflects that.

Chaos to creativity

From chaos to creativity,
From darkness to light,
From brokenness to wholeness,
You lead us Lord.
Through day and through night,
Through joy and through sorrow,
Through health and through illness,
You lead us Lord.
Behind us and before us,
On our left and on our right,
Above and below us,
You lead us Lord.
The circle of your presence embraces us,
The circle of your love surrounds us,
The circle of your redemption sets us free.
You lead us Lord.

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