Lord Thank You For Every Moment

by Christine Sine

Today I am facilitating the Stop the Madness: Return to Our Senses in Advent Retreat. A day like this always reminds me of the wonder of life and the preciousness of every moment, which was partly the inspiration for this prayer.

I also came across a quote by  Elie Wiesel yesterday which resonated in my mind and added further inspiration.

Lord thank you,
For every moment you give
is a moment of grace.
Lord thank you,
For every hour you provide
is an offering of love.
Lord thank you,
For every day that you create
is a gift of life.
May we remember these gifts
are meant to be shared.
For our lives no longer belong to us.
They belong to you
and to all who need us desperately.

Christine Sine https://godspacelight.com/

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