101 Affirmations for the New Year

by Hilary Horn

By Jenneth Graser

Everything we think, has power! Our thoughts create possibilities in our minds and then we act out of those thoughts.  Everything we believe is either true or not. And when we believe something that is not true as though it is, we live out of that belief as our reality. We have all experienced the power of our thinking.  For example, if bitten by a dog at a young age, we may continue to have anxiety around dogs as an adult believing all dogs to be dangerous or unpredictable, which is not true for all dogs, but certainly feels true if you were the child with such an experience!  

Experiences lead to feelings lead to thoughts lead to behaviours.  If we become a super sleuth and invite the Holy Spirit into the breadcrumb trail of our feelings and trace back to where they come from, we can experience freedom and healing by inviting his perspective in.  Which in turn can lead to, no more unreasonable fear of dogs!

We are formed intrinsically through our culture, geographical location, family upbringing, educational background and circumstances to name a few.  And when things happen to us in life, we form opinions about life based upon those experiences, whether good or bad.

Scripture is filled with the promises and truth of God. And Jesus encourages us to come to him as the Way, the Truth and the Life.  So we can renew our minds by refreshing ourselves at the waters of the Living Word. We can open our hearts and minds to transform belief patterns that are not serving us well.   

Part of this process of renewing our minds is by declaring or affirming truth over ourselves to shift the negative thought patterns we have, often which we are not even aware of. It truly is a process of transformation – be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2

At the beginning of this year, I started journaling and began to write out a list of affirmations to declare into 2019.  I share this with you here and encourage you to write out your own list of affirmations and declarations and say these over your life and situation, knowing that as you say them regularly, you are renewing your mind. Use the Bible as a foundation for your declarations.

As we grow in this transforming process, I believe we will experience a shift in our thinking patterns and enter into greater freedom as a result!  It is something I wish to embrace and practice. I think the mind needs some good exercise in thinking just the way I feel my body needs exercise to feel good.  All a work in progress!

Some of the books and resources available on the power of our thinking:

Joyce Meyer  – The Battlefield of the Mind

Steve & Wendy Backlund – Igniting Hope 

Dr Caroline Leaf  – Switch on your brain 

~ 101 Affirmations for the New Year ~

  1. I live out of perfect peace
  2. There is always an option for me
  3. I can choose
  4. I do not live out of my past
  5. I am open to change
  6. I tap into the life giving Spirit
  7. I am one with the Father
  8. My creativity is expressed
  9. I am not held back
  10. I can change my mind
  11. My perspectives can shift
  12. I enter into every opportunity God opens for me
  13. I am provided for
  14. Abundance is my nature
  15. I am a generous person
  16. I like to give to others
  17. I look after myself well
  18. I love being with God
  19. Prayer is a great joy to me
  20. I hear from God
  21. I am created for freedom
  22. There is always a way forward
  23. I am not perfect and that is OK
  24. I embrace myself with unconditional love
  25. I am constantly evolving
  26. I let go of my clutter
  27. I am excited to try new things
  28. I respond to the inspiration of the Spirit
  29. I hear from God in my dreams
  30. I enjoy the simple pleasures of life
  31. I live in harmony with others
  32. Even my enemies live at peace with me
  33. I forgive all past hurt and offenses
  34. My mind is clear at all times
  35. I hear God’s voice and know what to do
  36. God is leading me at all times
  37. I let my yes be yes, and my no, no
  38. God uses every negative as something that can be turned around for my good
  39. A miracle is possible in every moment
  40. I am a powerful person
  41. What I say has value
  42. I know when to speak and when to be silent
  43. I am comfortable in my body
  44. I forgive myself and others with unconditional love
  45. I have fabulous ideas
  46. I am a good listener
  47. I do not compare myself with others
  48. My gifts are freely shared
  49. My talents have plenty of room for expression
  50. I am amply provided for
  51. I am protected
  52. I thrive and flourish
  53. I sleep deeply and well
  54. My relationships are a blessing
  55. I do not doubt my abilities
  56. I am willing to grow
  57. I have a teachable spirit
  58. I draw deeply from the wells of salvation
  59. I drink of the Living Word
  60. I love reading the Bible
  61. I read the Bible for intimacy not productivity
  62. I am treasured by God
  63. I do not perform for love
  64. I am loved as I am
  65. I rest in the goodness of God
  66. My life is in God’s timing
  67. God is able to lead me well
  68. I enjoy resting from work
  69. I like to make time for silence
  70. I make time for nature everyday
  71. I listen to music I love
  72. I do nothing out of obligation
  73. I am not easily manipulated
  74. I discern the way forward
  75. I am growing in wisdom
  76. I make use of resources for spiritual growth
  77. I love to encourage others
  78. There is more than enough time for all I need to do
  79. I am filled with increasing energy and good health
  80. I love to laugh loud and joyfully
  81. The best is yet to come
  82. The past does not determine the future
  83. I have a healthy and hope-filled outlook
  84. I trust in God’s leadership abilities
  85. God desires only good for me
  86. I am a good parent
  87. I do not expect perfection of myself or others
  88. I forgive quickly, and dwell in grace
  89. I choose forgiveness and release all past resentments
  90. I have a wonderful marriage
  91. I have a beautiful relationship with my children
  92. I am a joyful person
  93. Everything I do, flows out of rest
  94. I am intrinsically linked into the Vine and receive all I need from God’s abundant supply
  95. I am open to correction
  96. Every door of opportunity opens for me at just the right time
  97. I remain calm in challenging situations
  98. I listen to my feelings
  99. I am close to God
  100. God loves me as his very own child
  101. I believe the promises of God

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