What the Breath of Christ Means to Me

by Hilary Horn

By Ash Knepper —

A few weeks ago my mind was muddled with worry and fears. It’s crazy how quickly little things like that can slip in. For me it’s a big problem, a sure fire way for the enemy to attack. A little worry here and a little fear there, and soon my thoughts are rolling down the hill like a snowball, gaining speed and growing in size. 

I’m prone to fear and fear is like a prison. It enslaves me and makes me unable to live my life the way Christ wants me to live. It twists reality and lies about the truth. It takes my trust in God and convinces me that it’s misplaced. That He isn’t looking out for me, that He hasn’t got this. 

As I laid in my bed, overcome by fear and placing worry on the ordinary things in life that I shouldn’t worry about—I asked myself what brought it on. The answer was almost immediate. Where had my quiet time gone?

My son is almost two and to be honest, mama’s tired. He’s energy in his purest form, he loves staying busy and hates sleep. He’s light and joy and magic and I’m so thankful for him! But when I’m this tired the first thing to go is that morning quiet time with God. In its place is an extra hour and a half of glorious sleep. Needed sleep! 

But just a few days of sleeping in instead of spending time with the Lord and the change was palpable. In my thoughts, in my my actions, in my words. I wasn’t making time for Jesus, to hear His voice, get His input, have His goodness wash over me, to be reminded of how I should act, speak, think—and get his strength to do those things. It’s amazing how much we truly need Jesus. Not just once a month, or once a week—but daily, hourly. Without Jesus pouring into my life I am different person. I am weak, quick tempered, fearful and prone to wander.

I set my alarm extra early so that I could meet with Jesus. The next morning as I read His Word and spent time in prayer I could feel Him washing over me. I could feel His strength filling me, I could feel my heart rejoicing. I was hungry for Him. In the light of His goodness and love my fears disappeared. The worries that consumed me just the night before, to the point of sleeplessness, vanished. The eternal breath of God flowed into my spirit, His heartbeat so close, my own heart reverberated His love for me. In His nearness there is peace. The most calming, alive, breathing peace that you’ll want to know, wrapped in unconditional love, ready, waiting for you in your Bible. 

So the question is, do you want to be a better version of yourself, draw near to Him. Do you want peace of mind, spend time with Him. Do you want strength for the day, He’s waiting for you. There’s a reason to get up early before the kiddos, before work, before the husband, before school. There’s a reason to choose to put down the phone or carve out time, to make a point to open the Word and have Jesus pour life into you.

He will meet you and His words breathed into your very soul will revive you. He’s waiting for you, He’s longing for you. Time with Him is precious. Let Him wash over you. Don’t put it off. Jesus makes the difference.


Ash Knepper is an American novelist who writes Christian romance novels. She grew up in Europe and later moved to the Middle East with her husband where they did humanitarian work. She moved back to America in 2016 and has since dedicated her time to writing books that will encourage and inspire people in their walks with the Lord. Ash currently lives in Seattle with her husband and son.  

instagram: @the.kneppers


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Alicia Gossman-Steeves January 29, 2020 - 7:23 am

Should be “breath” in the title. I wish there was another way to contact you, and I wouldn’t do if it hadn’t jumped out at me. My motive is to help the blog be the best it can be.

Christine Sine January 29, 2020 - 8:43 am

Thanks for pointing this out – I have changed it.

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