Time to Love and “Restore Our Earth”

by Christine Sine
Time to Love and Restore Our Earth

by Lisa DeRosa

What do you love most about Earth? Take a moment to think about this.

Is it the stillness of the morning sunrise? Or, the beauty of an evening sunset? The sound of a rushing river gliding over rocks? What about the soft, cool feeling of the soil as you dig a place for a seed or plant? Maybe the smell of freshly cut grass is your thing. Animals, fungi, or plants may fascinate you and those are your favorite things about Earth.

Did you find yourself thinking about the productivity of Earth and what it has to offer you? Or, more of its intrinsic value as a gift from God?

Whatever your thoughts, let it sink in for a moment that you are not on Earth by accident. Earth is where God decided to house people! Yahweh created planet Earth and saw that it was good! But our choices each day, the choices of humans since the garden of Eden have dictated that the good that was God’s Earth wasn’t good enough. We, in our own efforts, have tried to improve it, make it our own, take for granted its beauty, and made it into something it wasn’t supposed to be. Deforested, extinction, melting glaciers, depleted soil, harmful emissions…. These were not part of the plan or part of the original goodness. 

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But I am hopeful that it’s not too late; that we are not too far gone, yet. We still have time to turn away from our current trajectory of devastation and towards loving the Earth. It is time.

The theme for Earth Day on April 22nd, 2021 is “Restore the Earth”. Events are happening all over the world (in person and online) with thousands of organizations that want to bring restoration to our planet. Will you join them? This year, 1 billion people are stepping up! There are so many ways to get involved. 

How are you getting ready for Earth Day this year?

  • If you need ideas, check out the official Earth Day website. Join their Three Days of Climate Action April 20 – 22. Are you planning an Earth day event? You can register it there as well as see other events happening on their world map! It’s exciting to see the innovative ideas and programs that others are doing across the globe. From whole town cleanups like in Rodeo, CA to a 6-hour  Guided Game Walk near Pretoria, South Africa, there are lots of options!
  • I personally listen to and love the Earthkeepers Podcast through Circlewood. This episode interviews the CEO of Ridwell which is an “innovative business thinking for community-based earthcare”. It caused me to pause and consider what I throw away and that there are alternative options to disposing of everyday items.
  • Circlewood launches their blog/newsletter on Earth Day this year! Check out The Ecological Disciple for more insights and resources for Earth Day.
  • Consider watching the documentary that Apple TV+ is sharing: “The Year Earth Changed” on April 16th.
  • Join the EarthxFilm Festival April 16-25th either online or in person.
  • Start a community garden! Use our free download to get started.
  • Connect with God and the earth in a new way through the Spirituality of Gardening Online Course by Christine Sine.
  • Be filled with awe and wonder as you watch “Disneynature: Wings of Life” narrated by Meryl Streep (available through Disney + or Amazon Prime Video)

What is your response?

If you need to, take a few additional moments to reflect on your view of Earth, God’s majestic creation. Ask God what your role will be for this coming celebration of Earth Day. You may be challenged to start something you’ve never done before, to join something you would not normally consider, or change one daily habit to help restore our Earth.

Creator God, we delight in the beauty of the Earth you gave us. Break our hearts for what breaks your heart when you see the destruction of your creation. Show us how to move forward in your Light and Love and how we can work together to renew

Blessings to you as you prepare for Earth Day 2021!

Faith-Based Eco Websites to Check Out

Spirituality of Gardening Online Course makes a wonderful gift for this Spring season (or for a pick-me-up in Fall)!

Spirituality of Gardening Online Course

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