The Death of An Iconic Figure

by Christine Sine

by Christine Sine

Today one of my heroes died. Like many around the world I have been deeply impacted by the ministry of Billy Graham. I have not always agreed with him but that has not diminished his influence on my life. When I was a young Christian, he challenged me and many of my friends to take our faith more seriously. Not surprising in some ways. He preached to an estimated 215 million people in 185 countries around the world during his life, and his message reached millions more as he maintained a near-constant presence on radio, television and the internet. Not only did he counsel presidents, he was also a close friend of Dr Martin Luther King. Queen Elizabeth also counted him as a friend and would meet with him whenever he came to the U.K.

Now as he is welcomed into the loving arms of God my prayer is that his dedication and commitment will continue to inspire all of us that still walk this earth in the name of Jesus. May his passion for our Savior continue to guide us forward into truth and justice. May his love for God enrich our faith and increase our love and concern for this world in which we live.


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