The Best Gift. EVER.

by Hilary Horn

By Hilary Horn –

I have a confession, I have a soft spot for cheesy Christmas movies. Any other time of the year I steer clear of predictable chick flicks (for the most part), but at Christmas time all bets are off…

This season has been no different.

I’ve watched the similar plot line of an unbelieving cynic discover the “meaning of Christmas” time and time again.  I’ve cried and laughed alongside the predictable characters. Wishing they would get it….

In our Western society that Christmas “meaning” translates into quality time with family and time off from work. Occasionally you’ll see a snippet of a church choir or the advent scene, but Hollywood typically steers clear of the “J” word. I don’t mean this as a soap box, only as a reminder of how flimsy this set is…

In James, chapter one, we are told that we will face many trials and temptations as Christians. We are reminded that these trials and temptations will produce steadfastness. Next, the author states, (vs.16)”Do not be deceived, my dear brothers. Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting lights.”

I don’t know what this Christmas season is like for you. For some, it’s a straight out of a Christmas movie, with sugar cookies, family, and mistletoe. For others, it’s a reminder of pain- a lost loved one whose stocking didn’t get hung this year. Visions of sugarplums have been replaced with hard, cold reality.

Yet, there is good news for you, no matter what this Christmas morning is like. For every good and perfect gift is from above, and we celebrate the ultimate gift this December. Not with a fake smile and red hat. Celebrating for you may be singing Hallelujiah through tears as looking through photo albums. I pray, however, that God will remind you today of His gift. However it’s translated. For it’s a gift that cannot fail you. It’s a gift that will not change. It’s a gift that will comfort, protect, and love you. It’s a gift that is not flimsy or full of false hope. Its a gift that will allow raw, real emotions… That ultimately lead to true joy (James 1:2).

For we have received Jesus.

The best gift ever.

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