Spirituality of Gardening and First Mustard Seed House Plant Sale

by Christine Sine

Spring has definitely come to Seattle. Today we expect it to reach 72F and I have itchy feet to get out and clear all the weeds before the garden seminar on Saturday. I know that will not happen but it did prompt me to send out this reminder.


There is still time to sign up for the Spirituality of Gardening seminar, and perhaps more importantly, time to order your tomato plants and other vegetable starts for the year. You can download the plant order form here.

Plant order form

Or perhaps you would like to swing by May 3rd for our first ever plant sale. This would be a great opportunity not just to pick up plants, purchase books and show your support for the work of Mustard Seed Associates but also to say hello and check out the garden here at the Mustard Seed House. As well as an array of vegetable starts we will have geraniums and other summer flowers, Snohomish garden soap and lotion bars (only $6 at the sale), and other MSA resources. We hope that you can join us.


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