Social Innovate – Join the Feast With Tom Sine

by Christine Sine



Tom celebrating getting another year older.

Welcome to a feast of innovation, imagination and reconciliation! Christine and I are kicking off this new blog series by hosting A Feast of Innovation in our home next Saturday night with about a dozen friends. We’ve asked our friends to each share some social innovation they are involved with that we will share with you.

As each of our friends share their examples we will feast on a wonderful Mediterranean meal that Christine is preparing. In coming weeks I will share a sampling of examples from our friends. These will include everything from a new blog site on sustainability to a chocolate café church plant next door to new office buildings for a Seattle startup called Amazon. I am also working on a book on social innovation and I will be sure to also share some tasty bits I’m coming across in my research.

At the end of the feast Saturday night we will also celebrate another year in my life journey. Thankfully my gift of disorientation has not taken over my life yet and I still don’t need a walker when I skate around the 3 mile course at Greenlake here in Seattle.

As we gallop into spring 2015 I want to hear from you! What is happening on the creative edge in your life, community or congregation? I find that many people are suffering from malnutrition because they’re simply not aware of the creative ways, God is igniting people’s imaginations. I want to address this widespread malnutrition by posting uniquely creative savory posts every week that we can all enjoy feasting on. I am particularly interested in creative stories that bring reconciliation in our society or innovative ways to care for God’s good creation.   Would you help me prepare delicious fare for this online feast?

I will draw from your innovative inputs every week to serve up for my other friends to enjoy. What imaginative stories or examples can you send me this week? I also plan to serve up a little humor for dessert with each post. So will you also please send stories about outrageous moments in your life and struggles that we can serve up for dessert every week as well?

Please join us at Social Innovate.. Join the Feast!….this week and every week!

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