Snails, Crickets or Tarantulas Anyone?

by Christine Sine


A couple of days ago I watched a program on TV about the insects we should and could be eating from our gardens. It was fascinating.  Evidently 2 billion people eat insects as their main protein source. They have a low carbon imprint. They are plentiful in most parts of the world and high in protein. In Vietnam Tarantulas and crickets are regarded as a delicacy. Snails are another possibility.

Many of us know about the nutritional value of weeds which I talked about in this post. Eating Weeds – Great Recipes to Try  and most of us know that dandelions are probably the most nutritious plants in the garden. But snails?  That’s something most of us draw the line at even though we might be willing to give escargot a try in a high class French restaurant. But as this author points out garden snails can taste better than the bought ones.

After years of battling snails in my garden while cooking up escargots purchased at a premium from a local import shop, I finally got wise. As long as I was gathering garden snails, why not harvest them for dinner? One bite told me I was onto something: those fresh snails from my garden, though smaller, tasted far superior to the pricey escargots from cans. 

Read more:Escargot from your own backyard.

So how adventurous would you be willing to get? Crickets, grubs, snails, ants, spiders? What would you be willing to try or have you tried.? Maybe this is the time that all of us think it is good to be vegetarian. Perhaps rather than cursing those snails and slugs that devastate my new seedlings I should just be putting them in the pot of straight in my mouth. To be honest dandelions still sound much better than snails to me. How about you?


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