Time to Heal Online Course


There is so much pain and suffering in our world at the moment, but it is time to heal. This course will show how creativity, imagination and reflective exercises can help us address our grief and provide balm for our souls. For more details and information about this course, check out the descriptive outline and introduction video below.

This course is offered with 180 days of access so you can move through the material at your own pace.

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This course contains modules by Christine Sine, Lilly Lewin, and Bethany Dearborn Hiser.

Descriptive Outline of Time to Heal Online Course

In this course, you will:

Introduction: Meet and get acquainted with Christine Sine, Lilly Lewin, and Bethany Dearborn Hiser and learn about the format of the course.
Module 1: Be introduced to God’s concepts of healing and the amazing ways God has placed these within our bodies and within our world. Christine Sine will lead you through a breath prayer exercise and some simple practices that connect you to a variety of healing elements within our bodies and our world.
Module 2: Be invited to explore how our internal narratives affect our ability to care for ourselves and love others from a more grounded and healthier place. Bethany Dearborn Hiser will lead you in your own writing reflection, share a bit about her own journey, and close with a contemplative prayer exercise.
Module 3: In order to move forward and heal, we all need to take time to grieve the loss and pain of the past, especially the pain and losses of this past year. Together with Lilly Lewin, we will do some simple practices for processing grief. A Body Prayer, A Pouring Prayer, A Practice using a gift box, and a cup. 
Module 4: Our Creator is inviting you to be creative! Everyone is an artist till they are about 8 years old. Then someone compares their art with yours and you feel bad about your art. We are reclaiming our artist selves and using crayons and collaging to experience healing, and process our feeling and emotions with Lilly Lewin.
Module 5: Explore wonder an often overlooked and underrated tool in the healing process. Christine Sine will walk you through a breath, awe and wonder walks, contemplative garden creation and other practices that draw us closer to renew, transform and bring healing. Be prepaid to stir your imagination and begin to create your own wonder pathway.