Digging Deeper Book


Journey with Christine Sine as she shares her insights on contemplative indoor gardening – you are sure to find nourishment and encouragement:

“About ten years ago I began creating small indoor container gardens that sat on my desktop as an aid to prayer and reflection. These contemplative gardens began as a way to create markers to help me enter into the liturgical calendar, but they increasingly became a way of life for me, providing a new technique for stirring my creativity, ordering my life, and deepening my spirituality. Sometimes my creations are inspired by the changing seasons of the liturgical calendar; at others, they grow out of the life situations that tug at my heartstrings either with joy or with sorrow. They increasingly give me joy and peace both in their creation and in their use, calling me to listen to the promptings of the spirit both within me and in the world around me.”

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The reviews for Christine’s new work are in – and it’s clear this book is a nourishing treat that contains loads of useful information for creating contemplative container gardens:

“This book is a spiritual gem written by a person who understands the role of wonder and awe as the gateway to the true love and knowledge of God.” – Alan Hirsch, author of numerous books on missional spirituality, theology, leadership, and organization. alanhirsch.org

“Digging Deeper is a beautiful companion for anyone who is looking for a mindful and sacred way of connecting their bodies to their souls, and their prayers to actions. All you need is a bowl, some dirt, this lovely book, and the desire to slow down and dig deep.”  – Jerusalem Jackson Greer, author of At Home in this Life: Finding Peace at the Crossroads of Unraveled Dreams and Beautiful Surprises

“In Digging Deeper, Christine Sine offers what I can only describe as accessible iconography – arranging simple elements of creation into three-dimensional windows that connect the creator to the Creator, illuminate the goodness of the world, and clarify the hopes and hurts we all carry within ourselves.” James Amadon; Exec. Director, Circlewood Exec. Producer, Earthkeepers Podcast: Ed. and Writer, The Ecological Disciple

“Enchanting and faithful. Digging Deeper offers examples of seasons and gardens through a fresh lens, connecting the spiritual tenet that God is always doing something new and often unexpected. Highly recommended.” – The Rev. Danae Ashley, Episcopal priest and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist