Seeker's Litany

by Christine Sine

by Lynn Domina

Photo by Lynn Domina All Rights Reserved.

How Long, O Lord: A Seeker’s Litany

We’ve searched for you in forests and meadows, on beaches and hilltops, beside rivers and gorges,

But we’ve seen only trees and grass, sand and flowers, currents and stones;

We’ve searched for you at midnight and at noon,

But we’ve seen only darkness too dark to comprehend and light so bright it stung our eyes;


We’ve searched for you through blizzards and hailstorms, mudslides and drought,

But we’ve felt only cold and fear and pain and thirst;

We’ve looked for burning bushes and listened for whirlwinds and asked for a sign,

But we’ve seen just our ordinary world and heard only daily noise;

We’ve hurried through crowded streets and wandered into deserted alleys,

Until we could not distinguish between stranger and friend;

We’ve noticed the famous and the nameless,

And still we could not find you.

Tell us where you are; tell us who you are;

Restore our faith; revive our hope;

For we seek you still, and we believe we will find you;

We call to you still, and we long to know you are near.

This post is part of our reflections for Advent 2016.

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Marcia Stehouwer December 23, 2016 - 3:39 pm

And yet His light surprises – every day and in every place – even a Christian bookstore in Beijing, HE will be found when we seek HIM.

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