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by Christine Sine
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It’s a beautiful cold, crisp autumn day in Seattle. The sun is shining and there is fresh snow on the mountains. Unfortunately the frost has decimated my dahlias which have been such a delight this year. Now I really know that summer is over and winter is on its way.

Tom and I have just returned from a wonderful week in San Francisco where he grew up. We thoroughly enjoyed walking through remembered neighbourhoods and meeting with special friends. Tom did a great presentation at a seminar with Tod Bolsinger. It was a busy but very enjoyable week.

This week is crammed with celebrations. Today of course is Halloween. The street where we live is known as a safe place for trick or treating so everyone is getting ready to enjoy the fun. I hate seeing all those pumpkins going to waste which adds to my concerns for an ethical and waste free celebration. Check out some recipes and recycling ideas here.

What many of us do not realize is that today is also Reformation Day. I highly recommend Alex Tang’s post on Substack.  Reformed, Always Reforming in Today’s Digital World for some new perspectives on the day.

My focus however is on All Saints’ Day tomorrow. This is one of my favourite celebrations. Last year we updated our resource list with a number of new resources that provide great activities for the day.  November 2nd provides a couple of important celebrations. It is known as All Souls Day, a day set aside for the remembrance of the dead. In San Francisco, and other places where there are many people of Mexican descent, the celebration is known as Day of the dead and has a much less solemn tone being portrayed as a holiday of joyful celebration rather than mourning.

For me however, November 2nd is Looking for Circles Day. I love this day, which I talked about in my Meditation Monday – Embraced by God’s Circle of Light, because, for me it brings together the significance of all the other days we celebrate. We sit in God’s circle of light together with all the people of the world and surrounded by the circle of those who have gone before us. It is a wonderful day to add to your calendar.

Looking ahead, don’t forget that for those who enjoy celebrating an extended Advent with us and all those who delight in the Celtic tradition, remember Celtic Advent begins November 15th. I love this extended period of celebration because it enables me to focus on the real meaning of Advent and Christmas before the consumer culture reaches a crescendo of  hype. This year I plan to make a special Advent wreath for my corner with a candle to mark each of the 6 weeks of Celtic Advent. Orthodox Christians also celebrate a 6 week Advent. There are some great resources available through Acetic Life of Motherhood.

Last week’s posts once more talked about trees. Barbie Perks in South Africa gave us a wonderful reflection on Baobab Trees and Rodney Marsh in Western Australia shares his beautiful reflection on walking in the Jarrah tree forest of his home. I loved both these posts for their thoughtful reflection and inspiration. Lilly Lewin gave some helpful ideas on Preparing to Wait as she looks ahead to Advent, and Sue Duby in But God encourages us to look for the “But God” stories in our own lives and those around us. Celebrating God’s goodness when we see them, knowing God is always at work on our behalf.”

As you look forward don’t forget that Godspacelight has lots of Advent and Christmas resources available including our Advent. Two of my favourites are the Advent Bundle with our Advent Devotional, Journal and Prayer Cards. They all cover the 6 weeks of Celtic Advent. Or if, like me you plan to start Christmas baking soon you might like the Godspacelight Community Cookbook available alone or as part of a special Advent bundle.  We also have a number of free Advent resources including the ever popular Advent in a Jar.

There is still time to prepare yourself for the coming season so that it does not overwhelm you. We pray that you will take time to prayerfully consider what will most nurture you during this season.

Let us walk this path of life,
Through all its twists and turns.
God before me and behind me,
Christ beside on left and right,
Spirit deep within.
God Almighty, Three in One One in Three.
Let us not hurry and move ahead of you.
Let us not worry and move without you.
Let us not give up and move away from you.
May we walk the path that encircles and upholds us
The path that leads to the centre of your love.

Many blessings

Christine Sine



As this season of gratitude, holidays and holy days begins, don’t forget to explore the resources here on Godspace. You can find liturgies, children’s activities and more seasonal resources here.

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