Rising – A Poem for Ascension Day

by Christine Sine
Clouds and sun by pippalou mf

Clouds by Pippalou, used with permission

By Rowan Wyatt


See the clouds as they weave in wispiness

Bobbing and waving as curtains they part

Floating white fighting the wind to open wide

A heavenly gateway opened for the beloved.


Each gathered kneeling, standing, sitting

Ringing in a human halo around the master’s hand

In tears of wonder, love and joy, each tinged

With the sadness of a loved ones loss.


The morning glow of warmed sunshine rays

Catch the salted sheen of tears and with

Ancient holy alchemy turns them diamond shining

Each shed for the home bound Messiah.


And the heavenly host proclaim the time in fanfare

Loud as angels blast their horns in triumph

As the once dead son returns to his father

And leaving the saddened throng behind to work.


Then as the curtained clouds are drawn once more

The gathered faithful stand and stare above

“Why do you stand and look to the sky”? the angels ask

In gleaming robes of eddying white shimmer.


He will come again the same way you saw him go.

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