Preparing for the Garden Walk of Holy Week – Lent 2023 Retreat

by Christine Sine

Join Christine Sine for Preparing for the Garden Walk of Holy Week, a quiet reflective retreat the week before Palm Sunday that will prepare us for the challenging week ahead. The retreat will be online Saturday, March 25th 2023 from 9:30 am PT to 12:30pm PT.

This retreat is not just for gardeners. It is for all of us who want to follow Christ into the resurrection world of Easter. Jesus’ journey from garden to garden as he moves through the last few days of his life from suffering to resurrection has long intrigued Christine. Recognizing the strong connections between the life of Christ and the beautiful creation God gifted us with has become an essential part of Christine’s walk during Lent and Easter.

When Mary Magdalene encounters the resurrected Jesus as depicted in John 20:15, she was coming to the garden tomb looking for Christ’s body. Instead she finds a very much alive Jesus and she thought he was the gardener. This phrase is not a throwaway line. It is of cosmic significance! Jesus is indeed the gardener of the new creation and his journey from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday is an inspiring revelation of who he is in relation to creation. When we disconnect his story from its ecological roots, we suffer a dislocation that cuts us adrift. It is time to restore the missing connections.

We hope you will join her for this inspiring and revelatory time of scripture reading, quiet reflection and creative fun.

Click here to register! We are once again offering several price points to aid those who are students or in economic hardship.

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