Praying Along the Way

by Christine Sine

by Lilly Lewin

by Lilly Lewin. All Rights Reserved

by Lilly Lewin. All Rights Reserved

The Celtic Christians had prayers they prayed for daily tasks like: starting the fire in the morning, making the beds, prayers as they walked to the fields to work, etc. I follow their lead and pray as I do daily tasks around the house. I am someone who hates to do housework! So I had to make housework a prayer practice starting with my kitchen. We lived in a house in Cincinnati that had a horrible kitchen, it really was stuck in 1985; dark wood cabinets, geese stenciling and no dishwasher. Let’s just say I detest doing dishes, but since Rob is the chef dishes are my duty. I decided to turn my kitchen into a prayer room. First I made a prayer window using colorful post it notes to write down prayer requests and people I was praying for and I stuck them on the windowpanes.

As I did dishes I would pray for these friends and family members. As people asked me to pray for them I added them to the window. I added a small dray erase board over the sink to add things I needed to pray for that came up while I did dishes. I covered up the ugly wall paper on one wall with a large map of the world and added post it notes to the map for friends and needs around the world. As I listened to the news in the kitchen, I was reminded to pray for places around the globe where the love and peace of God were needed.

My lint filter in my dryer started out as a Lenten prayer practice and now is my daily prayer reminder. When I clean out the lint I ask God what the things are that need cleaning out in my life? It’s an opportunity for confession of the stuff that I need to give up and ask for forgiveness.

Another prayer practice happens when I am out doing errands. I let God inspire me to pray using cars and license plates. When I see the kind of car a friend or family member drives, I am reminded to pray for that person. My son drives a Ford Explorer so when I see one I am reminded to pray for him. My friend Sandy drives a VW beetle so when I see one I pray for her. I’ve also used letters on license plates as prayer reminders. While stopped in traffic or at a light I look around for initials that remind me to pray for people. One year I was having a conflict with a certain person and it seemed like daily I would see a license plate with this person’s initials on it! I was reminded to ask God to love that person I was having a problem loving and change my attitude towards him. Not easy to do! I call this type of prayer practice “praying along the way.” For more ideas check out

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