Nurturing the Emergence of Truth

by Christine Sine

Nuturing - Steve Wickham

By Steve Wickham

FUNDAMENTAL differences exist between the life we want and the life we get to live, and the chasm between the two is the canyon of truth.

We want to follow Christ, yet, in doing our human best, we forfeit that task where we fall short of truth.  Where we polarise into our truth and can’t perceive another’s truth we miss the truth, and the unknowable wisdom that only the Holy Spirit can help us discern remains ever elusive.  Likewise, when we cannot perceive or accept our own truth — what God is telling us via our own lives — we stand adrift from this abundant life Jesus has won for us.  It’s there but we cannot yet grasp it.

It is only the truth that will set us free!

We shrink back because of fear, cowardice, and ironically because we want to be nice Christians. But Jesus was not always nice.

Jesus was so committed to truth in his life, where he saw injustices against the multitudes, he stood against those injustices.  We tend to tolerate them.  Jesus would not shrink from the truth, and the religious elect of the time had him crucified.  We fear the same result when we consider committing relentlessly to truth.  Jesus knew that loving the people as a good shepherd should would mean speaking up for the truth against the powerbrokers.  The powerbrokers in our lives hold the keys to our livelihoods; we fear upsetting the apple cart!  Jesus told the truth even if he knew he would get into trouble.  We tend to protect ourselves and we’ll omit truth to do it.

And still, with all this considered, Jesus understands the prevalence of our flesh; the fears and foibles we are interminably beset with.  But of course there is faith!

The Adjuncts to Truth: 1) Wisdom of Awareness and 2) Faith to Act

Awareness is the wisdom of discerning truth.  Action is the faith of applying truth.

If we’re prepared to wade out into the waters of our faith, whilst being wise enough to watch for the current and the rips, we can make something of our awareness.  We can take our awareness into the realm of action.  But first comes the awareness of discerned wisdom.  Only when we’ve deduced the right course of action are we well placed to take the step of faith.

The adjuncts to truth are the wisdom of truth-filled awareness, which is discerned, and faith that acts in accord with that truth.

Regarding our living for truth, our prayers should be filled with seeking God for the awareness to act — which can just as importantly be inaction.


Where truth fills our gaze, our faith has purpose, our hope has meaning, and our love has effect.

Where truth is in our sights, our faith gives us courage, our hope gives us strength, and our love enables patience, compassion and justice.

When we live by truth, accepting the consequences, we honour the Lord.  Yet, we’ll also understand that truth can never betray love, and love speaks loudest for justice.

Hence, truth is intrinsically allied to justice.

Commit to truth and we commit to justice; over the long haul.

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