My Brokenness, His Love, My Healing by Steve Wickham

by Christine Sine


“And in the end, we were all just humans… drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896–1940)

Only one fix remains,
In all of what brokenness contains,
Only one thing will do,
It’s what we hold to be true.
Love is that thing that’s truthfully real,
It’s what we know will always heal,
So brokenness need not be despair,
Because the Son of God does care.

Love is personified in the historical tradition and in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ – God the Father’s Son.

If we wish to be healed – to have our brokenness reconciled – we ought to fall in love with a Saviour who fell in love with us to the point of dying on a cross. And grace does more! Although we cannot live a life of redeemed perfection, yet, we are forgiven and understood as we live our broken lives. God knows it’s not our fault. We are what we are and we are who we are.

As we journey with the Lord Christ into our brokenness, we decide to accept ourselves for whom and what we are. We give up trying to be better. We decide that God must know. We know that God knew what he was doing in being crucified. Acceptance for the facts we have accepted by faith is a grand blessing. It sees to it that there is an abiding peace we enjoy from within. God planned us to be redeemed, broken and doubting and unlovable, but redeemed in the same breath – accepted and dearly loved.

Love will address our ills and it will fix us, but what matters most is Personification of love – that Jesus is the actual Author and Producer and Finisher of this love that sacrifices itself. And healing unto wholeness is a blessing granted to the person who has been gifted access to love, precisely because they have chosen for it. They opted for life out of death.

Love comes into our lives freely and enthusiastically when we welcome it.

To say that we can seek to love and seek to be loved is the manifest evidence of the healing touch of God.
We can know in our brokenness that love works by knowledge of things past, as well as those things future, by the way we handle the present. We ease into feelings of joyful acceptance, where they are possible, in our grief, and in times of advancement we ponder reflectfully.

The only ‘fix’ for the brokenness of the inner self – the vessel that needs God – is the only one that works. But we must praise God there is one way – Jesus, the Way, the Truth, the Life (John 14:6).

Brokenness is what makes salvation the beautiful contemplative experience it is. Just muse over it now! We have need of a Saviour. We knew it by the way he loved humanity enough to die for it; for each and every single one.

Jesus heals the broken, in this life by the knowledge that God cares enough to love us into redemption, and in the next life by providing us room to be with him so that we finally transcend our brokenness in the fabulous reality of resurrected perfection.

We can be ever fascinated by God’s love, that, he who stooped and scooped us up, has accepted our worst and has believed in our best.

There is something infinitely helpful in the brokenness of the inner self. It is Christ’s finished and redemptive work of the cross. Redemption into God has seen us delivered where we were once vanquished, pardoned by the Judge of all judges, and restored to more life than we can comprehend.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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Steve Wickham is a Baptist Pastor in Perth Australia who holds Degrees in Science, Divinity, and Counseling. His passion is encouraging people to become the best they want to be.

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