My Best Reads for 2019

by Christine Sine

by Christine Sine

I have read so many good  books this year that it is hard for me to limit my best reads list. Some of them are books that I read over and over again. Others are newly published or ones that I have just become aware of. It’s a pretty eclectic list. No heavy theology this year, a few picture books and others that make me think on a deep spiritual plane. Of course there are a couple of garden books at the end too. Enjoy and let me know what are your favourite books for the year.

Parker Palmer – On the Brink of Everything

Henri Nouwen – Discernment

John O’Donohue – Walking in Wonder

Margaret Silf – Landscapes of Prayer

Justin McRoberts & Scott Erickson – Prayer 

Robert Macfarlane – Landmarks

Joyce Rupp – The Cup of Our Life

Elizabeth Murray – Cultivating Sacred Space

Wangari Maathai – The Woman Who Planted Millions of Trees

Stuart McLean – Extreme Vinyl Cafe




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