Message from Christine – March 28th, 2023

by Christine Sine
Our dog Goldie

We have a sick puppy, and over the last few days I saw far more of the night sky than I wanted to. I experienced it in the pouring rain, on a chilly but cloudy morning and on a clear, frosty morning with a thin slither of moon shining brightly above me. Our dog is better now and I won’t miss my trips outside in the middle of the night, but I am very grateful for these unexpected glimpses of the glory of God I experienced over these days. Creation speaks to us of the wonder of God, and the Creator’s glory shimmers in every aspect of the world around us.

Saturday’s retreat Preparing for the Garden Walk of Holy Week was a great success and many left with a renewed appreciation of the ways God’s story intertwines with the story of creation. As I mentioned last week: “As we approach the events of Holy Week this is particularly relevant. Earth participates in each step of the story. We see it in the waving of palms and Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem on a donkey, through the garden of Gethsemane to the crescendo of earthquakes and splitting tombs at the moment of Christ’s crucifixion, and on to Easter when life overcomes death and Jesus is proclaimed as the gardener of the new creation.” If you would be interested in purchasing a copy of the recording from this retreat please let us know.

I focus on the same theme in yesterday’s Meditation Monday – New Creation is Emerging. My growing concern for the devastation climate change is causing in many parts of our world as well as the destruction of species and habitats has me sounding this trumpet more loudly every day. “Climate change requires spiritual transformation. We need to transform our view of the Bible to see the ecological underpinnings of the story” and I should have added, our responsibility to be part of the answer. Over the next few weeks I plan to share some of the solutions that I believe are within reach of all of us. It may not feel that we can make much of a difference, but as all of us work together the drops each of us contribute will fill the bucket of change. “We can all make a difference in God’s world and move toward the completion of God’s new creation. which came into being at the resurrection of Christ. How exciting and yet how challenging that is.”

Our apologies for the misinformation on Saturday’s post: Luke’s Gospel in Poetry. This beautiful set of poems is not by Joy Lenton as originally said but by Jeannie Kendall. We don’t want you to miss this and the free download of the entire set of poetry through Luke that she has gifted us with. I am humbled by the beautiful gifts like this that our writers often gift us with. And if you are not too sure about the importance of poetry, make sure you read Catherine Lawton’s post Poetry Opens Our Hearts to God. As she says “Poetry, and all the feelings it represents, connects us to all of humanity’s longings and searchings for God. “

My favourite post from last week was Louise Conner’s The Art of Creation Among the Weeds. The art work that Mona Caron creates in the form of murals on buildings is both stunning and inspirational. Don’t miss this wonderful post. Lilly Lewin’s Lenten Pilgrimage posts, Part 1 posted on March 3rd, and the second part posted on Friday are also inspirational. I love the way that Lilly blends her personal experiences with the lessons she learns from god.

Holy Week is almost upon us so make sure you take advantage of the many resources we have available for the season. Here are some of my favourite links:

The are however many more links available on the Lent, Holy Week and Easter resource page.

Tom and I will once more be presenters at the Inhabit Conference: Building Together for the Future of the Church in the Neighborhood in Seattle on April 21-22. This is our favourite conference of the year and we would love it if you can join us.

Many blessings on you as we head towards Holy Week and the celebrations of what is at the centre of our faith.

Christine Sine

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