Meet the New Godspace

by Christine Sine

Many of you have probably noticed that Godspace has a totally new look. The site continues to grow in popularity and we are working hard to keep pace. Our goal is to provide resources that facilitate the development of a more vital faith encouraging greater intimacy with God, more caring relationships to our neighbours and more responsible stewardship of creation.

As I travel, people tell me how much they enjoy the unique voice that Godspace provides as it highlights contributors from around the world. A global voice and global resources for individuals, churches and organizations.

Our resource lists for the church calendar, seasonal prayers, garden spirituality and creative prayer practices are being expanded and we are still reorganizing and revising our these. Our expectation is that the new Godspace will make it easier for you to access these existing resources and for us to add new ones. Keep your eyes open for the new free downloadable resources for Advent and Christmas as well as the revised prayer cards and books.

We appreciate your prayers and your patience as we work through the glitches of this transition and look forward to your feedback and suggestions as we move forward.


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