May All Who Come Behind Us Find Us Faithful

by Christine Sine

Find us faithful.001

As we get ready for All Saints Day consider taking time to reflect on the footprints you will leave in this world. I love this song by Steve Green which has inspired me for many years to consider this.

Close your eyes and listen to this song. Allow your mind to drift back over the years of your life. What are the footprints you have already left behind that will be signposts for others to follow?

When most people who are dying look back on their lives their greatest regrets revolve around not following their passions or doing what would most impact the world. For many of us there is still time to follow what really matters. As you remember the saints who have gone before and impacted your life with their passion and commitment, think about your own future.

What would you like to accomplish? What is the legacy you would like to leave behind for the saints that come after you?

Listen to the song again. Take out your journal and write down the images that came to your mind. Now get out some coloured markers or crayons.

Highlight the things on your list that are possible now.

Underline in another colour the ones that will take some effort to accomplish. Perhaps there is training you need to do, or people you need to get in contact with.

Circle in yet another colour the items on your list that seem impossible.

Keep you list at the front of your journal or your bible. Read over it each day. Pray over those things that seem impossible and allow God to change you so that you are indeed able to accomplish all that God intends you to.


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