Looking Back to Look Forward. .

by Hilary Horn

It is hard to believe that 2020 is only a couple of days away and I think that like many of you I am hoping to start the new year right. I am looking forward to some new ideas for the future but realize that this is always grounded in experience from the past. I have been looking back over Godspace posts from past years and thought that you might like to join me in this journey as a preparation for the year, and indeed the decade, ahead. 

Start the New Year Right with a Spiritual Audit – Christine Sine 

New Year Resolutions as A Spiritual Discipline – Christine Sine 

Opening the Door to A New Year – Lilly Lewin

Two Postures for Entering the New Year – Lynne Baab 

New Year’s Resolutions – Jenneth Grazer

Leading Spiritually from Within – The Art of Discernment – Christine Sine 

The Art of Discernment – A Resource List

Lastly here are some of the prayers that Godspace writers have written over the years to focus our attention for the new year:

Life: A Poem for the New Year – Ana Lisa De Jong

Let Light Shine 

A New Year Coming and God is with Us – Christine Sine

A Prayer of Hope for the New Years – Christine Sine

As The New Year Dawns – Christine Sine 

God the Eternal Rock is With Us – Christine Sin 

May your new year begin with hope and promise and the wonder of a God who loves and sustains every one of us. 

Christien Sine


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