Living In Reflected Glory

by Christine Sine


Candle reflection

This morning I took some photos of my candle and its reflection in the window. I noticed that if the camera focused on the candle the reflection dimmed. If I focused it on the reflection the candle dimmed and all the messiness of my desk emerged in the photo.

Candle reflection


As I sat here contemplating it I wondered: How often do I focus on the reflection of God’s light rather than on the light itself? How often does the clutter in my life distract me from God’s true light? 

I know that sometimes reflections are beautiful and enhance a scene, and even this morning it was the reflection that had me reaching for my camera. But at times, like this morning, focusing on the reflection can distract me from God too. And if you are wondering yes it did that to me this morning. I was distracted from my morning prayer rituals wanting to capture the reflection before the light of the day brightened and the reflection itself disappeared.

So what is distracting you from the true light of God today?


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