Light Bearing

by Christine Sine
Light Bearing

poem and photo by Ana Lisa de Jong,

No-one is wholly blind.
We each carry some of the light.

To see we might climb beyond the cloud line
to where the sun sets and rises in heavenly splendour. 

On the ground
where we live for much of our lives,
our view is limited to the next rise,
the turn in the road, 

So let us walk in humility. 

The one who sees our divisions as rivers,
as great dividing separate channels, 
is not political.

At least not beyond where he drew a clear line in the sand –
this love in which each law is contained.

Is that why love is so often called a bridge?
Might that be restoration?
Hearts inclined towards one another. 

What if we waded deep in
with compassion, 

not weapons of words and condemnation?
“Anyone not for me is against me.'” 

Perhaps to see further 
is to turn our lights upon ourselves, 

our own hearts inclined sometimes
to corners blind. 

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Catherine Lawton May 12, 2021 - 9:31 am

Your poem contains both truth and beauty. Thank you, Ana Lisa.

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