Let Us Keep A Christmas Heart – A Poem by Grace Bush

by Christine Sine


This prayer was in the Christmas devotional I read Monastery Journey to Christmas. Something for us all to think about as we head towards Lent and Easter too. What makes it possible for us to keep a Christmas heart.

Lord let me keep a Christmas heart,
That, mid the tumult of the throng,
Still hears the echo, clear and sweet, of angels’ song!
Lord, let me keep a Christmas heart,
That hears and sees another’s needs,
And strives each day to follow Thee in word and deed!
Lord, let me keep a Christmas heart,
To light with joy the children’s eyes,
And know the Christ Child, though he come in humble guise!
So may I know the joy within
The wise men, coming from afar,
Knew, when at last, o’er Bethlehem
They saw thy star!
So may I keep thy birthday, Lord!
In ll I say, in all I do!
A Christmas heart of faith and love
The whole year through!

Poem by Grace Bush.

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