It’s Time for A Change

by Christine Sine


I am looking outside at a changing landscape. The leaves are turning red and gold, the grass is green from the autumn rains, and I keep looking towards the mountains hoping for the first glimpse of snow. Change is in the air, and here on Godspace we are about to go through some changes too.

I began this blog almost 10 years ago as a place for me to share personal reflections about my faith and the garden. About five years ago I  started asking others to contribute to the Advent and Lenten series then a couple of years later added a summer series. The blog has taken off in a way that I never anticipated and continues to expand and grow in its reach, partly as a result of the contributions of so many of you. I have been prayerfully considering what this means for the future.

God Speaks Through Community

First I want to make sure that the contributions of others are given full recognition. I am more and more uncomfortable with myself being identified as the “author” of Godspace when so many others contribute. God speaks through community and the Godspace community is expanding.

I want Godspace to become known for the variety of authors not as my voice alone. Part of my life calling is to give voice to those who have no voice and I realize that Godspace provides an outlet for some of you who do not have time or expertise for keeping your own blog. Because this blog is commonly ranked in the top 200 Christian blogs it also expands the audience for many who are struggling to find their voice.

So what does this mean?

Next week we will establish a contributors’ page that would list all the authors who contribute regularly to the blog. We already have over 20 people from 5 countries who will be profiled here. If you would like to be a part of this group please contact me. We want to expand the range of voices as much as possible. This will also become a place where books contributors have written and events they are involved in can be mentioned. I will still be identified as the chief contributor and editor but it will provide a place to highlight what many others are doing too.

How will this effect the focus of Godspace?

Inspiration, contemplation, sustainability and justice are the words that come to my mind when I think about what I want to communicate on Godspace.  This will still be a place to share the interaction between faith and everyday life, as well as a place to raise awareness of issues of sustainability and concern for justice for those at the margins.

You may have noticed that we are also developing a  weekly rhythm for the blog:
Monday meditation
Tuesday – Thursday reflections on life, sustainability and faith,
Friday – prayer
Saturday – Lets get creative.

I will continue to write the Monday meditations and Friday prayers, but hope that the other days will quickly fill up with new voices who will inspire and guide us with their insights.

I am excited about this change. It will give me more time for prayer, reflection, and writing and will make space for others  whose voices need to be heard.

If you are interested in being a part of this expanding community or if you know of others whose voices should be a part of Godspace please let me know. We appreciate your prayers and your support during this transition.

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David October 17, 2015 - 2:24 pm

I came across this post and seen the colors changing of the trees and heard the Lord speak to me that as the seasons change and there is visible proof of that we must also change. Thanks for your post.

Christine Sine October 17, 2015 - 3:06 pm

Your welcome David. I often gain inspiration and assurance from nature that God is not only present but is guiding and sustaining us.

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