If You Want To Resist Evil Quiet Yourself Before God

by Christine Sine

by Christine Sine

This afternoon I have been reflecting on the growing anger and conflict in our world and especially here in the U.S. Anger towards the racism that seems to be growing and towards the NFL players and others who are responding with defiant protest. Anger at the lack of responsiveness to the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico. Anger and animosity towards those who want to reform the health care bill in a way that would leave millions without coverage.

It is so easy in the midst to join the anger and become part of the violence. Yet God calls us to be messengers of love not hate and the response of love begins not with an outward act but with and inward attitude that fuels our souls with both the power and the persistence to respond as God would respond. I love this post from The Plough with its excerpts from Eberhard Arnold, a German theologian during World War 1.

God wants to give our inward life an indestructible harmony that will work outward in mighty melodies of love. The power that comes from gathering our inner energy is a power for taking action. When our individual hearts are gathered in this way, we will join together as a gathered people – a people whose active work makes God’s reign manifest as justice, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit (Rom. 14:17). (Read the entire article here)

We all need melodies of love that overflows in action, action that responds to the injustices of our times with action that transforms lives and communities.

The experience of God is love (1 John 4:8) – love that overcomes everything that opposes it. Love is the energy of the new creation, the spirit of God’s coming reign, the sole element in the new world he is building (1 Cor. 13:13), and the herald of a new era. It is the organic strength of unity, the shaping of a new humanity. This love becomes reality in the church of Jesus Christ, through its unity (Eph. 2:14–22). (Read more)

Prayerfully read through this article and consider your own response. How do you equip yourself with the inner resources needed to respond in appropriate outward ways? What are you doing to be God’s loving presence in this hurting world?


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