Holy Humour Sunday 2020

by Christine Sine

by Lisa DeRosa

This year, Holy Humour Sunday is April 19th (the first Sunday after Easter)! It is a great reminder that we must have fun in our lives, even if we have to schedule it to make the time for it. Let’s keep the Spirit of Easter alive this coming Sunday as we enjoy a little fun and laughter!

One great way to celebrate is by signing up for The Gift of Wonder Retreat! Clint Baldwin, the Executive Director/CEO of Word Made Flesh, told us recently that:

As times grow bleaker the gift of wonder (and The Gift of Wonder) takes on increasing poignancy. It feels a bit odd to suggest this because I also think that, really, the gift of wonder is always vital. But I see the gift of wonder as being part of that light that shines in the darkness that the darkness cannot overcome. May the Lord grace us with the ability to consciously choose to pursue the gift of wonder during these times and, in the midst of our difficulties, may we continue to be delighted at the presents and Presence of the Lord all around us.

We are so grateful for the participation so far and look forward to the webinars for those currently enrolled in the retreat. We will provide special, private webinars for study groups or book groups of 10 or more people. Have your group leader contact us for details. Check out the link below for the free preview and to sign up!

Gift of Wonder Online Retreat

For other fun ideas for Holy Humour Sunday, see our post from last year: What Did We Do With Holy Humour Sunday?

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