Hallelujah Christ Has Risen

by Christine Sine

It’s Easter Sunday Hallelujah Christ has Risen. Enjoy the wonder of this day with me as I read through these prayers I have written in past years.

Hold your head high, Christ has risen.
Rejoice and shout,
Christ has come calling us home.
Home to the heart of God,
Home to God’s living presence,
Home to God’s banquet feast.
Hold your head high, Christ has risen.
Death has been conquered,
Christ has come calling us home.
All that was broken has been made whole,
All that was dislocated has been set right,
All that was oppressed has been set free.
Hold your head high, Christ has risen,
Bringing God’s healing,
Christ has come calling us home.
Redemption is complete,
God’s eternal world has begun,
Love reigns over all,
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
Christ has risen calling us home.

For more prayers and Easter resources check out this post. 

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Herbert Orr April 4, 2021 - 11:57 am

Thanks, for all the blessings there is Re: He is risen.
I relate to “Hold your head up high” because just yesterday I remarked what David did in Psalm 3:”…But you are a shield for me and the lifter of my head,” I believe that He was proud for the place God was in his life with this lifting.
This is opposed for shame, one will not look into the eyes of another. And like a dog when scolded quickly puts its tail under it’s legs. Is it also true that a person’s shame also causes one to lower the head when confronting another?
He also was able to sleep peacefully because of God’s care even when Absalom tried to take over his kingdom.

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