Gearing Up for a New Season: Event Details and More!

by Christine Sine
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Lots of exciting opportunities and events coming soon on Godspace! Please take a look at the details below for more information!

Facebook Live with Christine Sine and Lilly Lewin

The first live session begins at 9 am PST on August 25, 2021 (check my timezone). These sessions are free to join if you are part of the Godspace Light Facebook Community Group. Join Lilly and Christine for an informal and spontaneous discussion of what is happening in their lives, what books they recommend, and the challenges with which they struggle. Get a sneak preview into their planning for upcoming events as well.

Facebook Live with Christine Sine and Lilly Lewin

If you cannot join us live, look for the recording on Christine Sine’s YouTube channel.

Gearing Up for a Season of Gratitude

Join us live for this virtual retreat from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm PST on September 25, 2021 (check my timezone) or register and pay $49.99 to view the recording as well.

What could we transform from unpleasant to enjoyable by a change in attitude? How do we approach the world with gratitude and delight at all times? How do we find joy in the midst of the most challenging situations? These are some of the questions we grapple with as we look ahead to the changing seasons. What about you?
Inspired by the celebrations of Canadian Thanksgiving at the beginning of October and American Thanksgiving at the end of November, we are designating October and November as gratitude months on Godspace Light. Lilly Lewin and Christine Sine will encourage you to get ready by providing a collaborative retreat that will help us enter this season of gratitude with joy and delight in our hearts. It will be a fun time of interaction, creativity, and reflection.

Register and pay to attend this event live and to view the recording.

Gearing Up for a Season of Gratitude 400

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