FreerangeFriday: Praying for your Country

by Lilly Lewin
map of the world

by Lilly Lewin

It is Canada Day on Saturday, and Fourth of July next Tuesday here in America. These are great opportunities to remind us to pray for our countries. Sadly I often I get frustrated with the state of affairs and forget or neglect to pray for our leaders and the state of our nation. So on this holiday weekend, let’s make time to pray for where we live!

  • Pray for the leaders of your country to have wisdom and to make decisions that will bring healing and wholeness to all people.
  • Pray for the leaders in your state, or province, or area to have eyes to see and ears to hear the cries of the poor and the needs of those who are on the margins.
  • Pray for the health and welfare of of people suffering from natural disasters
  • Pray for healthcare workers
  • Pray for areas of injustice and issues that are broken in your town, city and country.
  • Ask God to give you eyes to see and ears to hear the cries of injustice and to change your heart.
  • Take time to grieve the losses of this past year and the areas of brokenness that you see in your country and town.
  • Talk to God about all of these things and give these things to God to hold and heal.
  • WHEN YOU SEE A FLAG this week, let it be a reminder to pray!

pray for america

Pray for your Country


  • FIND A MAP of YOUR COUNTRY and use it to help you pray for your country this week and in the days ahead.
  • USE POST-IT NOTES and write your prayers for your country and place them on the map.
  • USE A NEWSPAPER or a NEWS APP to PRAY the headlines for your country and the world. When listening to news on the radio, TV, etc., PRAY FOR THE EVENTS rather than just getting frustrated about what is happening. Ask Jesus to help you pray and hear with his ears.
  • PRAY AROUND YOUR CITY: Do a prayer pilgrimage around your city. Pray for places that need to experience the love, peace, and healing of Jesus. Places in need of justice. You can do this with a city map or you can do a driving pilgrimage taking time to notice places where injustices are happening. You are on a mission to learn about issues of injustice in your area so you are not to get out of your car, but rather do the job of noticing.
  • LEARN THE HISTORY OF YOUR TOWN/CITY: Learn about the First Nations People who lived on the land where you live. Learn about the history of racism in your town/city. Learn more about the areas of economic and social injustice in the area where you live.

Lord, Let your justice roll down like mighty water. Please heal our land.

Give me your eyes to see the needs of those around me.

Give me your heart for those who suffer. Please heal our land.

Help me daily to do justice not just think and pray about it.

Please heal our land and help me to shine your light and share your love.

In your name. Amen

****Some ideas found in the GIFT OF JUSTICE from the GIFT OF A SACRED SUMMER KIT

©lillylewin and


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