FreerangeFriday: Praying for Peace for Ukraine

by Lilly Lewin
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By Lilly Lewin

A Prayer for UKRAINE

Prayer based on Psalm 17:6-9

We call on you, our God, for you will answer us;
turn your ear to us and hear our prayer.
Show Ukraine the wonders of your great love,
you who save by your right hand
those who take refuge in you from their foes.
Keep them as the apple of your eye;
hide them in the shadow of your wings
from the wicked who are out to destroy them,
from the mortal enemies who surround them.
hide them in the shadow of your wings.
Show them the wonders of your great love.
Fill them with your great peace. AMEN

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Pray with your Cup

Grab you coffee cup and pray

Lord we pray for peace!
We pray for all who are working for peace…
For diplomats, for leaders and those standing up in the streets throughout the world.

We pray for protection, wisdom and strength.

We pray against the greed, the desire for power at all costs, and wicked destruction happening in our world.
End the violence Lord.

Help us to be peacemakers in our families, neighborhoods, and our communities today and everyday. AMEN

As you hold your cup and drink your coffee/tea today…

We know that the you Creator God hold the people of Ukraine in the palm of your hand ??
And you hold the people of Russia working for peace too.
As we hold our cups today wes pray for peace to overflow and change the hearts of those who want war.

As we hold our cup Lord God, hold onto the people who are fleeing for safety

Hold onto the people who are hiding and scared.

Hold on to those who cannot leave.
God of our refuge Be a refuge! Hold them in your Love.
We stand in the gap for our sisters and brothers in Ukraine.

We ask for miracles, Hold us and Hold them. In your Name AMEN

As you use your cup, Drink in God’s peace and continue to pray for the end of violence and for peace in Ukraine and throughout our world.

©lillylewin and

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