FreerangeFriday: Epiphany Breath Prayer

by Lilly Lewin
star and gifts

By Lilly Lewin

In the season of Epiphany we have the opportunity to pause and remember the birth of Jesus. You may still have decorations to put away or they may have been packed away weeks ago, but the hurry and bustle of the holidays often keep us from really being present to the INCARNATION…GOD born in the flesh, to be with us!

This is a breath prayer/poem written by my friend  Jeanne Roe Smith. It was a part of the Following the Star Sacred Space we curated at the University of Cincinnati many years ago.

Take time this weekend to pause, breathe, LIGHT A CANDLE or light a few of them! Take time to breathe in the Story and breathe in the wonder of God with us! You might choose to put on some of your favorite cologne or an essential oil to carry this prayer with you throughout the day. Or you might choose to pray it each day in the coming week and see what you notice, what the Holy Spirit is inviting you to to know.


Journey of the Magi, c. 1894
James Tissot

Just as the Magi journeyed to see Jesus, we too are on a journey to discover Him.
Wondering what gifts you bring?

Like the Magi we bring:
Gold as a symbol of honoring Christ
Gold to represent our being “from the earth’ And as valuable to God as gold.
Frankincense to worship in the midst of our joys and sorrows
Frankincense to remind us of the sweetness and grace of God
Myrrh to recognize our pain and sorrow
Myrrh to remind us of the suffering of Christ
Who offers us eternal grace in God

Now take a moment to breathe
The aroma of God is all around you!

Step closer to the candles and take a slow deep breath
Feel the warmth and aroma on your face.

Now slowly exhale.
Did you feel the breath of God moving in you?

When God created humans, life began.
God INSPIRED life into humans
By breathing into lifeless clay.

That’s what inspiration is…
To affect, guide, or arouse by divine influence
To stimulate to action.

Now breathe in again, this time more slowly.

Allow yourself to be filled
with the sweet scent of God’s breath in you.
As you exhale slowly,
Feel the grace of God flowing from you
Out into the air and filling the world
with the sweet scent of God’s grace love and inspiration!

Remember as you breathe in difficult times
In joyful times,
At all times.
It is God’s grace that fills you
And is sent into the world by you.
Breathe with God
Breathe Grace.

By Rev. Jeanne Smith

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Three Wise Men


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Alma Thomas







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