FreerangeFriday: Begin Again!

by Lilly Lewin
What does Nov look like

Lilly Lewin

What does November look like? I know I know… it’s already the 11th! But if you are like me, you may be in complete denial that it’s already the 11th and that here in the States, Thanksgiving is two weeks away!

I think the pandemic messed with my internal time clock. The years of pandemic ( that is still with us) slowed many things down and forced us out of rhythms that were “normal” to us. Then this year, as we moved out from lock downs and quarantines, we jumped back into life again! Sometimes before we were ready, sometimes with lots of joy and exciting adventures. Often though we discovered that we really don’t want to go back to the crazy busyness of the before times.

Some of us realize that we just don’t have the margin we used to have to bounce back or be with lots of people and activities.

The global pandemic, politics, natural disasters, racism, inflation and personal losses have added up and these layers of trauma are exhausting and have exhausted our inner resources.

This year seems to have to flown by! And this month already too!

But i believe in fresh starts, new beginnings and that it’s never too late to have a great day, or a great month.
So what does November look like?

What do you want it to look like?
Take some time to consider this.
Write it out, or make a list.
I made a list on the first of November and I’m baby stepping my way to making these self care things happen, but they definitely aren’t habits, they don’t happen every day! Yet!
What do you want November to look like, feel like? You could actually draw it, or collage it.

One of my daily practices (that i started on Pilgrimage ) is making a list each morning of the Gifts from the day before.
What were the Gifts that I experienced?
The things that brought Joy?
The things I am grateful for?
The God Surprises along the way?
Making a list helps me remember and see that there are Gifts even in the crazy bad days!

Next week Celtic Advent begins on November 15th. The Celtic Christians and Orthodox Christians start the journey of Advent 40 days before Christmas.
This might be a great year to start Advent early. Or even consider Advent as a practice rather than just a season on the church calendar. Advent begins the NEW YEAR for the church calendar. So we can begin new too!

What do you want the rest of November to look like?
What could your Advent Season be like this year?
What might you consider that could help you experience the real joy of Christmas this year?
What would bring peace to you rather than stress?
Ask God to show you.

Spend time with Jesus on this… after all it’s his birthday coming up…Why not discover the wonder of
the Incarnation this Advent rather than just all the stuff? The Wonder of God with us! Come o Come Emmanuel!

We Franciscans have always believed that the Incarnation was already the redemption, because in Jesus’s birth God was already saying that it was good to be human, and God was on our side. Fr. Richard Rohren

Ideas for November/December

Make an Advent Play List …listen to it daily. Check out Jeff Johnson’s New Album Winter Songs

Create an Advent Wreath …add extra candles for the two weeks of Celtic Advent.

Make a daily list of GIFTS recalling the gifts and God surprises of the day before.

Find a new devotion for Advent. See our list and watch our Facebook Live.

Check out Art for Advent

Create an Advent/Christmas Sacred Space at your Church or for your community…ADVENT WAITING OR INCARNATION.

Lord God,
Calm us as we wait for the Gift of Jesus.
Cleanse us to prepare the way for his arrival. Help us to slow down and prepare our hearts. Help us to wait and take time to be with you. Teach us to contemplate the wonder of God with us.
Teach us to know the presence of your Spirit. Teach us to bear the life of Jesus and live out his Kingdom.
Today and Always. AMEN

(adapted from Ray Simpson of Lindesfarne)


©lillylewin and

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