Freerange Friday: Under Construction

by Lilly Lewin

by Lilly Lewin

We knew when we bought our house at the end of 2015, that someday, someone would build on the lot next to us. It was just a matter of time. When you live in a “boom town,” things get built, and lots don’t stay vacant very long. But our hope was that we would keep our sunset vista view. The vista was why I bought the house in the first place, (my husband bought the house because of the garage). Sadly, the builder constructing the house next door, didn’t take into consideration how his design would change our view. Right now, in our town, money is the motivating factor, not care for the land or concern for the neighbors or the neighborhood. It’s about square-footage more than design. Thankfully, the house next door was delayed all summer and the view didn’t get lost until the last of October. But the loss of the vista has been extremely depressing. I’ve been very sad about not being able to look out the windows and see the view I’d come to expect and love. It’s change, and I really don’t like this kind of change!

In the whole scheme of life, it’s not that tragic. It’s really a first world problem. I still have a nice house. I still love the location and I can still walk outside to see some of the view, and the sunset in the evening. As I was moaning and complaining to Jesus the other day, I had to face that he is using the construction next door to force me to look at myself. I too am under construction. I am having to process a lot of emotions and expectations, and I’ve had to ask some questions about my heart and my life.

Do I take into consideration the views of other people? Or just my own?

Do I care about my neighbors or just myself?

How do I BLOCK their view?

How am I blocking the way of others?

Do I BLOCK the view of others by my wanting my own way, or by seeking my own needs first, or by believing that my way is better?

How do I let GREED get in the way of living life for Jesus?

And what about Construction?

Construction is loud.

It’s messy.
It’s rarely on time.

It’s filled with delays due to weather, design or finances.

Often one cannot find enough skilled workers or ones with the skills needed for the job at hand.

The process of building is long and hard and requires planning.

If I’m honest, I am not always excited about planning.

I just want to “get it done”

I want the finished product, not the mess of process.

I’m asking “Lord what are you up to in all of this?”

What are you building in my life? What are you desiring to build in me in this next season? “

Do I need a fresh coat of paint or an entire remodel?

Do I need extra help for this season? Experts? New Tools?

How’s the foundation?

What new things do I need Jesus to build in my life right now?

What do I need him to construct so I have an even better VIEW of his love for me and his Kingdom?

So, maybe you are in a new season of life too.

Maybe you are facing a block in your view.

Perhaps the noise and mess of the process of change is getting to you.

Maybe you and I both need to take time to sit with the changes and grieve the loss of our view.

You might pick up a nail, a hammer or a piece of wood and let them be a symbols of new construction in your life.

Watch for new construction or building around your town or neighborhood.

What is God building in your life right now? Ask God to show you!

If you have blocks in your house, or even Legos, build with the blocks. As you build, talk to Jesus about the building and constructing process.

Ask Jesus to show you what he is longing to build into your heart in this next season.








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