Freerange Friday: The Gift of Rest for Christmas

by Lilly Lewin

By Lilly Lewin

The Gift of Rest!

Yesterday, I filled out a survey for a college friend who is studying to be a youth minister. One of the questions was:
What is the one thing you would tell someone who is just getting into vocational ministry?
My answer:
Learn to practice Sabbath and Silence. Take time for weekly refreshment and days of rest. Don’t fill your only day off with laundry and errands. Take a day or at least a half day to do something that brings life to your soul. Get outside, take a nap, do some art and TURN OFF THE PHONE! The practice of silence and sabbath, along with creativity will help you maintain your soul and joy for the work.

That made me think of the best gift I could give all of us for Christmas is the Gift of Rest!
We all need it! We need to pause, breathe and even take a nap. In the midst of these busy few days before Christmas, let’s receive the gift of rest from Jesus. And we all need to remember that Christmas isn’t just one day! There are 12 days of Christmas and these include Christmas Day and go to January 5th. Then we celebrate Epiphany on January 6. So whatever you don’t get done, or if there are things you wish you could do to be more present in the season, or if you want to be more purposeful with friends or family or with Jesus, know you can choose to keep the Christmas Season not just Christmas Day!

So breathe, pause, Receive the gift of REST.
Earlier this week, my good friend Melissa Husk sent me a beautiful poem prayer she wrote on REST. Listen to Jesus inviting you to Rest. Let this be your prayer for Christmas and the New Year! 

Rest from worry.
Rest from striving.
Rest from controlling.

Rest in Me.
Rest in My servanthood.
Rest in My servanthood towards you.

Rest from polishing.
Rest from trying.
Rest from proving: yourself, your value, your worth.
Rest from craving.

Rest in Me.
Rest in My joy.
Rest in My love.

Rest in Me.
Rest in My hope.
Rest in My Presence.

Rest from wrestling.
Rest from questioning.
Rest from attention seeking.
Rest from overspending: time, energy, finances.
Rest from carrying burdens that aren’t yours to carry.

Rest in My breath.
Rest in My silence.
Rest in My song.

Rest in Me.
Rest in My healing.
Rest in My provision.

Rest in Me.
Rest in My timing.
Rest in My promise.

Rest in Me.
Rest in My fulfillment.
Rest in My Word.

Rest in Me.
Rest in My delight.
Rest in My affection.

Rest in Me.

by Melissa Husk

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And on this day that is the shortest, we get the longest night. That might mean that we could go to bed early and get some more rest. Merry Christmas and Happy Napping.

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