Freerange Friday: Take a Snow Day with God

by Lilly Lewin

by Lilly Lewin

Here in the South we get excited about snow! We’ve had a week of snow and ice in Nashville and that means lots of snow days! It’s mostly melted now, but the snow reminded me of our need to find joy in the interruptions of life. And our need to take time to rest and play. It showed me that our entire culture needs a snow day to rediscover a bit of sabbath instead of busyness! And it made me think about what a snow day with God might look like. So in these weeks between Epiphany and Lent, how can we find joy in our everyday worlds? How can we make time for play? How can we take time to rest and restore? Maybe it’s time to have a snow day even if it’s not snowing where you are! Maybe it’s time for a day just to enjoy the world that God has created! Here’s to having a Snow Day with God!

And here’s what I wrote about snow a few years back!

Snow Day by Lilly Lewin

When it comes to snow, I’m a little kid.

I love it!

I get excited just thinking about snow.

And it really hasn’t been winter until it snows.

I love the expectation

I love the quietness of snowfall

The entire world is slowed down by even an inch.

Snow magically changes the landscape from grey and ugly

Lifeless and forlorn,

To a world of wonder and adventure

A world of pristine white

Clean, holy, covered in purity. (at least until the dog pees!)

Even snow flurries make me smile.

It’s the hope of snow!

It’s the romance of snow!

The possibilities of snow days…off school and sleeping late.

The possibility of a fire in the fireplace and hot chocolate

And spiced tea.

It’s the hope of enough snow for a good snowman…

or better yet

enough for sledding!

When it comes to snow, I’m just a little kid!

Where’s my new sled?…I’m ready to take the hill.

And even at 40 I still do!

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