Freerange Friday: Preparing Him Room

by Lilly Lewin


By Lilly Lewin

The season of Advent is here and we are also preparing for Christmas. We are decorating trees and homes with festive lights and greenery. We get ready with shopping, baking, sending cards and hosting parties. But how do we get our selves ready for the arrival of Jesus? As December begins how are you getting ready for the Baby King?

When you prepare for a baby you have to get a lot of stuff ready…the room, all the diapers, the car seat, all the special gear necessary. Your house changes, you have less space because the baby stuff takes up lots of room. Your focus changes. Whether you are adopting or hatching a baby, you begin to focus your life around this little person soon to arrive. And once that person arrives on the scene you no longer need a TV because all you want to do is watch what he or she does. When a baby enters the world your time is no longer your own…now you have to think about the needs of someone else. You have to consider how what you do will affect the baby. Even before a baby is born the mom must consider what she eats, drinks and how she cares for herself.

What if we see the coming of Baby Jesus into our lives like this?

Like getting ready for a new arrival in our lives. Getting ready for a baby.

What would this look like?

How do you make space for Baby Jesus?

How do you get ready for his birth into your world?

Do you have to get rid of stuff?

Do you need to add special gear?

Do you need to prepare mentally or change your attitude?

What does this look like?

Consider this today.

Talk to God about this.

How can you receive the gift of Jesus as a baby, a baby who needs your time and attention.

Are you and I willing to accept that gift?

What are you willing to do to get ready for Baby Jesus?

How are you willing to change your life in order to give baby Jesus the attention and care he needs?

Consider this today and in the days ahead this December.

Talk to God about how you can receive and prepare for Baby Jesus!

If you don’t have a baby in your world at the moment as a physical reminder, find something to remind you to make room in your life for Baby Jesus. Maybe it’s a sippy cup or a bottle on your desk or bedside table. Maybe it’s a baby blanket or toy. Use this symbol to help you make space in your life for the Baby Jesus and prepare him room this Advent.

*This is one of the prayer stations found in the Christmas Incarnation Sacred Space Prayer Experience. You can download this at








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