Freerange Friday: On the Way to Pentecost Take Time to Breathe

by Lilly Lewin

By Lilly Lewin

The tomb is empty, Jesus is ALIVE! So what now?

The disciples were probably asking the same question the days and weeks following Jesus’ resurrection.

I’m sure that their emotions ran the gamut the days after the Light had returned.


I understand why Peter went back to fishing…

It was familiar, it was what he knew best, it was concrete and made sense!

This “coming back to life after dying a horrible death stuff”

seemed way over the top!


It must have been incredible to see and touch and eat with Jesus again!

It also must have been emotionally exhausting too!

The roller coaster from amazing despair to total joy…and then the blandness in between

and all of the questions!

Is he back to stay? For how long? What happens next? What do we do now? How does he do that?…that disappearing and reappearing thing? and then his question, Peter do you love me?


I have felt many of those things post Easter!

The Light of the world that was snuffed out for my sin…and darkened the planet for three days has marvelously returned!


I too have many questions…

I too am impatient for the answers…

How long? What is next?

What are you up to now Jesus?


As I type this, I hear the Light saying what he said to those tired, excited, exhausted, confused, elated, friends of his after Easter… before he ascended to his Father.

Go back to Jerusalem and wait…

Wait, watch… receive the Gift my Father will give you…


So they went back to Jerusalem.

They went back to that upper room that was so special, so sacred and so familiar and normal.

But they had to wait…

They had to receive …

They returned to their friends and shared the story

They waited, they prayed,

All before they could go out again and share the Light .

All before they could go make disciples around the globe.


Jesus is telling us there’s so much more…

We just need to wait and see!

We don’t need to run ahead of Him!

Instead, we need to wait on Him.

We need to seek Jesus in prayer, the Bible, in Silence and solitude and experience Him in nature.

And we need to receive his gift of the Holy Spirit so our cups, our lives can be filled

And we can pour out his love to those around us!


Take time to wait today.

Use this breath prayer to help you pause.

Use this breath prayer to help you receive the Holy Spirit.


Pray this Breath Prayer:

(sit down somewhere comfortable and relax your muscles.

Take a few deep breaths, roll your shoulders and relax your neck and breathe)

Breathe in God’s Peace

Exhale your fear

Breathe in God’s Spirit

Exhale conflict

Breathe in God’s Peace

Exhale confusion

Breathe in God’s Spirit

Exhale unforgiveness for others

Breathe in God’s Peace

Exhale unforgiveness for yourself

Breathe in God’s Spirit

Allow The Spirit to fill you with new life, new mission and

New hope for the days to come.

Breathe deeply and allow God’s Spirit to fill you.

Breathe, Rest. Be with God.

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Sujatha June 2, 2017 - 10:10 am

I have been thinking about this very thing. And really pondering over the whole ‘go to Jerusalem and wait’ bit. It resonates with my thoughts and makes me want to draw 🙂 Thank you!

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