Freerange Friday: Let God Hold

by Lilly Lewin

By Lilly Lewin

This week, our part of the world is experiencing another major hurricane that has devastated parts of the Caribbean and is on it’s way to Florida. My friends on the West Coast of the US are experiencing massive forest fires caused by the extreme heat of the summer. And last night a major earthquake hit the coast of Mexico! When you add all of this to political unrest, bombings and terrorism, IT IS A LOT! And thanks to social media and 24 hour news, we get all of this thrown at us ALL THE TIME! We need to be reminded that God is not far off, God is still here and in the midst of this with us.

The image above is what I drew in response to the one of our journaling prompts at thinplaceNASHVILLE Sunday Night. The original journaling prompt was:

It’s been another stressful news week, the terrible flooding in Southern Texas and Louisiana, and even in Nashville. And then there is the news from N. Korea…

Take some time and process this with Jesus.

Allow Jesus to carry this for you.

The image below is one of my favorites created by my friend artist Scott Erickson.

Look at the two images. Take some time to ponder and consider them.

Invite Jesus to speak to you through these images.

Am I allowing Jesus to hold all of the stuff? Or am I trying to control or fix it? or am I just being overwhelmed by it all? Talk to Jesus about where you are and how you are feeling.

Allow Jesus to CARRY the stuff and the craziness for you!

Allow Jesus to HOLD the stress, and the fear, the hatred and the anxiety.  

Draw your own image, or find one in a magazine or on line that will help you remember that God is holding all things together.


Lord God we are overwhelmed by the devastation and the abundance of suffering.

Help us to Love Anyway.

We are living in uncertain times that we cannot control.

Help us to trust you and remember that you are in charge not us!

Help us to seek you Anyway.

Help us to let go and let you carry our fear and our anxiety.

In the midst of it all, help us to Love Anyway.

Help us to serve anyway.

Help us to start small and and start with love!

One day at a time. One moment at a time. In your name! AMEN  

(Prayer inspired by Mother Teresa’s quote)

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