Freerange Friday: Art Inspiration

by Lilly Lewin

By Lilly Lewin

Art speaks to me.

I am a visual learner so images speak loudly to me and God often uses images to speak to me and inspire me.
One of the artists God uses on a regular basis is my friend Scott Erickson.
I’ve talked about Scott before. His Instagram feed @scotthepainter is one of my daily devotions. Scott is not only an artist, but also a spiritual director who uses his creations and creativity to design work that tells stories about life, faith, our journey, and deep healing.

God has used the image above of the row boat in hands in the past year during my own spiritual direction practice.

What does this image say to you?

For me, it started out with a few questions …

Where are you Jesus?
Jesus are you just asleep in the boat?
Do you even care?

But eventually, as I prayed with and pondered the painting…I came to this:

Ah, Jesus! you aren’t just with me in the Boat, you are holding the boat and holding the water too!
You, Jesus, are in it all.
You, Jesus, are with me even when the sea is rough.
Jesus you are holding up my boat.
You, Jesus, are sitting with me and will give me the strength to keep rowing.
You, Jesus, will keep me from sinking.
You, Jesus are with me in the Boat! and thankfully you aren’t asleep!

I highly recommend checking out Scott’s website and art work. He also has an amazing Prayer Book that is being Re-released this coming week called

Prayer: 40 Days of Practice that he wrote with Justin McRoberts. It has both prayers, practices and Scott’s amazing images to use in your prayer time.

I have a copy from the original printing and I use it all the time. It would be perfect for a Lenten devotional this year.

You can even preorder it from Target for a great price. Didn’t know Target had prayer books on line. Amazon has it too and that helps Godspace.

Also, a couple of weeks ago, Scott was in Nashville doing his one man show  “Say Yes: A Liturgy of Not Giving Up on Yourself.” He is doing the show in several cities this Spring! You will be encouraged through everything from Centaurs to karaoke!  Go see it! It’s great church! And check out Scott’s videos on why the church needs art too! They are on his website here.

Take some time today to find a piece of artwork or an image that speaks to you. Allow Jesus to open your eyes and your heart to hear more from him. You might even get out your crayons or paint and create something yourself. I’d love to hear what art speaks to you and see what you create. As Scott says, just say yes!

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