by Christine Sine


by Ana Lisa De Jong 

What is it about December that makes us so weary?
It’s like all the months behind are pushing us forward, until we’re falling, fallen over…

What is it about Christmas that makes us so lonely?

As though all the losses have compounded until we’re overloaded….

What is it about this time of year that brings us to our knees?

Is it because we’re still aware of so much to achieve?

Or is it because we are aware of all that we didn’t do right?

And we’re feeling just too weak to try and rectify it,

to keep up the endless fight.

Yet what if at this time of year, we’re meant to fall to our knees?

Meant to acknowledge what we’ve lost, and what we still hope to see?

Meant to fall to the ground and allow Christmas to come to where we are?

Allow Him to extend to us His grace, which we don’t have to ‘reach’ to achieve?

What if is okay to fear the year ahead, and to wonder when certainty might reappear?

Wonder when conflicts will finally ease, and when our struggles might start to make sense?

Maybe we’re meant to drop it all when we fall? Into hands which can hold it all – and us as well.

Perhaps we confuse His strength with our own flimsy might? Maybe it’s only His strength alone, sufficient for our brokenness,

which will win this fight.

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Joy Lenton December 18, 2015 - 1:58 pm

What a beautiful, questioning poetic reflection which comes full circle from earthly concerns to God’s wonderful remedy! Thank you, Ana Lisa, for these lovely thoughts about the right way to fall when we are weary, lost and overwhelmed. Bless you!

Lisa de Jong December 18, 2015 - 11:11 pm

Thank you Joy. Christmas is a time that brings up so many things for people. Its not easy. Today though I spent in the garden weeding and filling it with potted colour for Christmas and my soul was fed. The stresses of the week finishing up work in readiness for the break, all fell behind me. At Christmas we need to carve out time intentionally, to be creative, to be reflective, to steal moments of peace, because otherwise what everyone else has made out Christmas to be (the consumerism, the pressure), will steal it’s true meaning from us. Thank God for websites like Godspace.

Joy Lenton December 19, 2015 - 5:15 am

That’s the key thing, isn’t it, Ana Lisa? To find those things which nurture our souls creatively and spiritually. Yes, this wonderful Godspace community is a God-send for me too! May you continue to steal away from the world’s noise and voice in the week ahead, and find an oasis of reflective calm in which to contemplate the deep meaning and joy of Christ’s coming.

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