Envisioning the New Year

by Melissa Taft

by Carol Dixon, photo © GT Photos Alnwick

Recently I watched a tv programme which was made at the end of December 2016 – only 5 years ago yet it looked like a different world.  No masks, no social distancing, strangers hugging each other to wish each other a happy New Year.  Above all there was no worry behind people’s eyes.  

My hope and prayer for the coming year is that the freedom and joy we experienced before the Covid pandemic will return, and the lessons of sacrifice and service we have learned will stay with us so that the world becomes a more compassionate place.

As we step into this new year many of us may be feeling nervous and uncertain. I know I am as I learn to live a different kind of life while I recover from my colostomy and I wonder how I can continue to serve God in the way I used to as a lay preacher serving the churches in our area.  Perhaps I have to discover new ways of ministry and service and need a new vision of bringing God’s grace to those I am called to serve.

One of my earliest posts for Godspace Light featured my hymn ‘Give us the Vision‘.  I wrote it many years ago when I was feeling daunted about the coming year. I awoke one morning from a dream where I was standing on the threshold of a door of frosted glass.  I could only see strange unclear shapes and I was afraid to turn the handle and walk through. In my prayer time God gave me the words and the music to sing:

     1. Give us the vision 

 for the coming year,

 as we look to the future –

 to overcome our fear,

 and boldly take a stand

 as we seek to make each land,

a kingdom fit for you.

  1. Give us the vision 

for the church, your bride,

to be pure, strong and holy –

to overcome our pride,

and humbly understand

we receive with open hand,

the pow-er from you.

  1. Give us the vision

for our exploited earth

as we watch our planet suffering,

and see the peoples’ hurt;

spur us on at your command

until each and every land

gives glory to you.

©Carol Dixon 1988 (altd 1998) A modern arrangement of the music is in ‘Songs for the new millennium’ available also from Methodist Publishing House

May God give each of us the vision in 2022 to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and share his love, hope, and joy with all we meet.  

A New Year Prayer:

May your path be smooth

May the weather be fair

May your journey be light

And may Jesus be your Companion on the way.

(based on an old Celtic prayer)

New Year blessings to you all.


The photo above is dawn over the river Aln in Alnwick, Northumberland, the town where I was born and brought up, taken by my friend George Taylor © GT Photos Alnwick.

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