Embracing God’s Light

by Christine Sine
Embracing God's light 2

by June Friesen, photos by June Friesen

Isaiah 9:2-7

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. For those who lived in a land of deep shadows— light! sunbursts of light! You repopulated the nation, you expanded its joy. Oh, they’re so glad in your presence! Festival joy! The joy of a great celebration, sharing rich gifts and warm greetings.

Here Isaiah is talking about the coming of the Messiah – the Israelites have been struggling in their lives to follow God and yet so many times it appears as if God is ignoring them and some probably, like many today thought and felt/feel God is non-existent. We know that when the Messiah did come there were two different announcements of His birth with light – the light that accompanied the angels when they appeared to the shepherds and the great star that the wisemen of the East saw in the sky. The shepherds and the wisemen welcomed the birth of the Messiah; they embraced the light that was unusual and believed it was a gift/sign from God.

For us today, many of us may feel as if we are being overwhelmed in so much darkness of so many kinds. There is the darkness of inequality, the darkness of the pandemic, the darkness of fear of tomorrow, the darkness of everything seeming to be out of control – and for some of us – we may even feel that our spirits are fighting an overwhelming darkness. Somehow, some of us, even in the midst of our faith walk with God, may feel as if God is absent or asleep, or not very interested in the fact that we are trying to keep our faith in Him. I find myself on alert for God’s presence around me – in a person, in an animal, in a bird, in plant life, and God has not disappointed me. Today I share with you embrace the light of God wherever it appears and be filled with encouragement.


Walking through the world of nature

I am constantly amazed at the creative ways that plant life grows;

It finds a crevice, sometimes small, sometimes a small crevice ledge,

And there it allows the moisture and simple soil to nourish it as it also embraces the light,

And it grows and shares it beauty with the world and even with you and me.

Now you may notice in these two photos that there is a difference of light –

First the light is rather small and misses some of the growth looking for light,

But the growth in darkness waits patiently and soon it too is embraced in the light

And now – all is well.

And so it is with you and I my friend –

As we are walking through the world –

We must find those places of light and nourishment –

Sometimes the light is somewhat obscured

Sometimes it is clouded

Sometimes it comes in full force.

Sometimes we feel squeezed in a crevice….loosely….but now so tight – OUCH!

Sometimes we feel as if we are on a ledge, maybe almost falling….. OOPS!

So today – pause –

Embrace your crevice experience –

Embrace your light – partially, more fully and in full cover of light –

God is present –

Waiting – waiting – waiting

To be embraced.

Will you embrace Him today?

June Friesen 10/2020

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