Embrace Life in the Moment as it Blooms

by Hilary Horn

By June Friesen

When reading this phrase ‘live/see life differently’ it immediately causes me to think of being introduced to meditation as a spiritual experience. Sitting in silence…..being present first to the silence…….then being open to the silence….then embracing the silence.

Psalm 46:10 – ‘Be still and know God.’

God asks that I come to Him and just ‘be.’


Recognize: embrace His presence in the silence –

Breathe: Inhale deeply of His presence and exhale the ‘stuff’ –

Embrace cleansing – let go of the usual, expected, the known…..

Still: ah…..quiet, peace, stillness,

Relax…..let go……release….embrace peace –



Empty: of the world, the rush, the worries, the duties, self –

Let go: for the/a moment (or two) and just ‘be’ –

‘Be present in and to the stillness.’



Awareness: hear, smell, taste, see, feel –

Engage: new, change, different, creativity, openness –

Know God and most of all know God’s presence and embrace it.


“Thank you, my friend for sitting with me,

Thank you for opening your inner self to be with me

And most of all to letting me be with you,

Let us go together now and begin a new journey in our new relationship,

Together you and I will bring a new sense of my presence into the world.”

Signed, GOD



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Mary Sayler June 25, 2019 - 8:59 am

Thank you, June, for this quietening word! I needed it.

Ron July 1, 2019 - 7:39 am

Thank you, June.

Christine Sine July 1, 2019 - 10:05 am

You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.

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