Earthkeepers Podcast featuring Christine Aroney-Sine

by Christine Sine

The Earthkeepers Podcast promotes global connection among ecological Christians who believe that creation care is an integral part of Christian faith in everyday life. Through conversations about topics like ecology, climate change, gardening, farming, social enterprise, theology, environmental justice, outdoor recreation, conservation and community development, we aim to inspire a movement of ordinary earthkeepers who will change the church and heal the world.

In episode 3 (link below), contemplative author and gardener Christine Aroney-Sine offers a perspective from the Global South, and from an Australian point of view in particular. Drawing from her books The Gift of Wonder and To Garden with God, as well as from her blog Godspacelight, she shares her thoughts about the connection between gardening and community, and explains lectio tierra—the practice of sensing the presence of God in nature that is grounded in a theological understanding of creation as God’s revelation. We speak as well about the ways in which all of these things found expression in Celtic Christianity—an historical European indigenous worldview that is finding new relevance today among people who care about community development and creation care.

Episode Three: Gardens, Community, and God-Presence: Christine Aroney-Sine can be found on every major podcast platform, or you can link to it directly at:

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